#ReflectiveTeacher Blog Day Challenges Days 22, 23, 24 & 25!!!!!

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Day 22 – My PLN.  This is a new term for me that I cannot believe I missed out on all of this time.  Right now I have been using Twitter to search for new ideas.  I have been blogging, also new, but I was hoping for some more advice.  That’s ok though.  I am interested in contributing to the #langchat discussions, however, I am not always familiar with the topic.  Somehow, I have missed some important concepts and tools of teaching these past four years as a teacher.  I am excited though to use these networks to grow and become a more proficient Spanish teacher so that I can get my students to reach proficient fluency as well.

Day 23 – I would love to meaningfully involve my school’s community in the learning of my classroom but I am not doing this currently.  Last year I did have a website, but my students barely knew it existed even though it was on the board all year and I mentioned it every single day.  Therefore, I have not started up a new classroom website just yet.  I would like to try google classroom for my students though or another site.  I am not sure which is best and will meet all of my and my students needs.  I was using google sites last year.  Any ideas for best class site?

Day 24 – I have been hearing more and more TCI and TPRS.  While I thought these were strategies that I learned about in my foreign language education courses, apparently it encompasses more than what I already know.  I work in a school where I think my students’ access to technology outside of school is limited, so right now I would rather focus on something with which I can see the results working in front of me.  Flipped classroom sounds great but in this setting I know the students would never do the work outside of school unfortunately.

Day 25 – I want to see my students helping one another more in their interactions.  I want them to only speak Spanish.  When someone doesn’t know an answer, I want someone to give hints in Spanish to help their peer.  I want them to use more circumlocution and not get discouraged and complain when they don’t understand every single word that is presented to them.  I want them to be more positive and patient and QUIET so that they are receptive to instruction and learning.  I still haven’t gotten the classroom management underway and it has been very very hard.  I am not a brand new teacher, but I believe this is the worst I have experienced.  I have been very discouraged.  I want to use all of these new ideas to teach my students but I can barely teach some classes anything without them acting up and being disrespectful.  I have gone over rules and procedures many times but it hasn’t helped.  I spend each day staying a couple hours over calling parents and writing referrals.  I really don’t know what to do, but I hope to make some improvements and it better be soon.


la segunda semana

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Too many ideas, not enough time to get organized

Last week was the first week of school for me in a new school that is pretty different from where I was last year. Being new to this school district last year, I was furloughed and then reassigned to a different location since I only had one year’s worth of seniority. I am excited for this new challenge, as I know it will definitely be a huge one.

The first week was more than stressful and extremely exhausting. I am hoping and praying for the ability to overcome the challenge before me by stimulating my students with tons of interesting ideas that engage them in their exploration of Spanish speaking cultures. This assignment is going to take a lot of thinking outside of the box and A LOT of hard work. Hopefully by blogging and searching for ideas on Twitter I can come up with neat ways to make the language accessible to these students.

They are a difficult bunch, many of them declaring that they don’t know Spanish and don’t understand me the few times I tried to use the Target Language when I wasn’t busy managing the classroom behavior. Instead of 5 students that talk out, try 20 out of 24 all during instruction. In addition I have more preps than normal (Spanish 4, Spanish 3 CAS – advanced, Spanish 3 PSP – reg, and Spanish 2 – reg.). I have a ton of materials to pull from even in my short 4 years of teaching but I think I have to really reach high to create more thematic units and making instruction more meaningful because a regularly structured lesson plan is not going to work for this group, I’m afraid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but in the meantime, I will be striving to find resources to assist me in this test I have been dealt to improve my teaching.