#ReflectiveTeacher Day 14 Blogging Challenge – feedback for students

feedback, reflections

Feedback is tough because often times it can seem that no one is reading it but you.  At our district we are required to give oral assessments in Level 3 where the students are supposed reach Proficient which is the same as ACTFL’s intermediate low.  I am not a master of feedback by any means, but last year I listened to my three level three classes Practice exams and I wrote down what they said and gave them examples of what they should say.  It took forever, and I’m not sure whether they read it or not.  There are 9 different themes/topics.

I am bad at feedback and need advice of how to make it simpler.  I will write out little notes on assignments of how to say what they are trying to say but I am not consistent at all.  The rubric we use for scoring the oral assessments are nice because they allow you to select a category for the students to work on and they highlight what they ARE able to do.  I should take a closer look at those and create feedback from those for oral assessments.  Speaking assessments are all the district really cares about but I can’t help wanting give them vocab and grammar quizzes because I still believe it can be important.  As a learner I am interested in knowing how to do things with language even if it is tough or confusing.  I need to try to change that mindset.  I learned how to be a teacher that teaches grammar inductively and is careful about making corrections in order to keep the affective filter low.  I know all about comprehensible input and scaffolding.  I know about all the right ways to do things but I fell upon this blogging challenge and twitter because I am forgetting about that stuff sometimes and just rushing to get through stuff so that we’re ready when the exams hit which we’ll never be if I don’t teach the right way.  I’m tired and about to start talking in circles.  Happy Sunday evening everyone. I always finding myself hanging on to the last minutes to put off the work week but its already on its way so I better get some sleep.