Another fun Saturday…thinking about TPRS

reflections, TPRS

Here I am once again, staring at my laptop for ideas to improve my practice.  How do so many teachers have so much time on their hands to constantly post so many good ideas, let alone come up with them?  It seems silly to go ahead and create my own stuff when there are so many resources all over the internet.  It also gets confusing trying to use other teacher’s resources since we all have our own teaching styles.

I didn’t complete the blog challenge, but I was able to reflect for 25 days and have even been reflecting since then.   Over the past several weeks what I have discovered, is that I really want to begin teaching with TPRS and CI, all the time.  I have explored many blogs, sites, and resources and am so intrigued…but also overwhelmed.  It’s so different than what I have been doing, that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how to make the switch.  I did, however, do some investigating and try asking a short story I found on Ben Slavic’s blog @benslavic in some of my classes.  While things aren’t exactly where I would like them to be classroom management-wise, I did manage to get more students simultaneously involved in the activity than on a regular basis, and amazingly enough, a child did utter the words, “That was fun”, at the end of class which is HUGE considering what I have been dealing with the last month and a half.


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