#ReflectiveTeacher Blog Challenge Day #21 – hobbies or interests


Other than Spanish I love yoga.  I do it at least 4 times a week for quite some time now.  If I didn’t end up getting a position this year due to my furloughed position I was going to do the teacher training at the yoga studio I go to, finally.  It is every Saturday and Sunday starting next weekend and goes through December.  On my hardest days I could almost cry that I am even working and not collecting unemployment while doing teacher training certification.

I believe that without yoga, I would be a mess.  It is tough enough already with the amount of times I take a yoga class a week.  I think it reminds me to breathe and focus when times are difficult.  I use this technique every single day.

My first year teaching I taught PE/Health Immersion.  I was able to incorporate some yoga in that class of course because it was PE.  Other than that, I haven’t really had the opportunity.  I bet it wouldn’t hurt to get the kids to stand up and stretch a bit before we get started.  I should try it.  Our classes are only 42 mins and it sometimes takes 10 minutes to even get the kids to all sit in their seats and listen so often I don’t try to incorporate anything else than what I absolutely need to accomplish.  Maybe it would help though.  I can give it a shot.


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