#ReflectiveTeacher Blog Challenge Day 18 – Teachers are superheroes


Well, I’m way behind.

A teacher is a superhero.  At least an effective teacher is.

This is my third career.  This is my fourth year teaching in an urban setting.  Before this I worked as a sales trainer and before that, an industrial engineer.  I’m only 34, but I guess I am indecisive, and I was just dissatisfied with my previous careers.  So I went back to school to be a teacher.  I acquired a lot of debt, not surprisingly, but I finally found a career that I believe is the most important one anyone can have, and also the most difficult job imaginable.

This year so far has been significantly more difficult than the past two.  I would say the first year was the hardest year of my life, just as everyone says it can be.

I work in high school with teens and I am trying to inspire them with Spanish and culture.  I truly believe in the importance of learning a language, especially Spanish.  I believe that it can open so many doors for my students, in some cases, doors that they never knew were there and could have never imagined in their wildest dreams.  Unfortunately, many of my students seem to be against opening doors, learning and acting like young adults, especially where I am this year.  Of course, this is a dilemma that many of us see when working with teens, but in this setting especially, many of these kids have other, more pressing issues on their minds.  For example, I have quite a few students who live in group homes.  One girl told me her mom doesn’t want her and didn’t show up to her court date that morning.  I looked closer at this young lady the other day and wondered whether or not she could be pregnant.  I have more than one teen mom and a young 16 year old boy who’s girlfriend, or perhaps just the mother of his child, had their child.  I’ve called parents who hung up on me when I told them about what their child did in class.  I’m not surprised when some of these children don’t want to learn a language.

I imagine and daydream about what it could be like if I can get all these students on board with speaking Spanish and how amazing it would feel to be a part of that miracle.  I do not feel very hopeful so far, but I will continue to pray about it and try my hardest to make a difference.  If I overcome this challenge, I will be a superhero.  Those of you that already feel like superheroes, congratulations to you.  Thank yourself for being amazing.


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