#ReflectiveTeacher Blog challenge Day 17 – most challenging issue in education today


@TeachThought  I would agree with some of the others who posted that the most challenging issue today is definitely tied to money and budget cuts.  Because of cuts, I was furloughed and rehired at a different location.  I wonder how some of your districts are.  The first place I worked did not have a teacher’s union and it seemed more stable as far as I could see, but I was only there two years.

Here we are automatically part of the union and when someone is cut, whoever was hired last loses their position and that person with more seniority slides into their spot.  It’s very confusing and doesn’t make any sense.  I believe that this instability in the staff at a school makes it difficult for students and also for teachers who have worked hard all year to build a rapport with her students.  I think it is necessary to gain the trust of one’s students before you can make any big changes in their education.  My students that knew me already, that I would’ve seen again this year would have acted differently than they had at the beginning of the year last year, and would have known what to expect and how to work well in my classroom.

This I believe can be tied to a possibly even larger problem, which is racial disparity.  One of the district’s goals is to eliminate racial disparity.  Instilling a trusting environment takes time, but is essential for maintaining a positive and effective classroom.  I would have had some of the same kids from last year had I not been furloughed, and I wouldn’t have had to win them over.  They would have come in knowing me and trusting me.  They would do what I asked for the most part, because they signed up to have class with me again this year.  There would be no surprises because the class would run in the same manner that they were familiar with.  The struggle would be limited.  Of course there would have been new students that I didn’t know, but being that I had a good reputation, they would find out about that and have some idea what to expect to an extent.

Today was a good day though.  On the bright side I believe that all of the moving around can connect you with administration and other teachers throughout the district.  I also think that even if my position seems more challenging than last year I am going to come out a better, stronger, more efficient teacher.  I left a good reputation at the other school and I hope I can make a good one for myself here as well.  I must take care of myself though and go to sleep.  Good night


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