#ReflectiveTeacher Blog Challenge Day 12 Invite change


I think that over the next 5 years my teaching will hopefully invite more use of technology.  I started at a school in Virginia where they were adamant about incorporating technology in the classroom.  There were even random observation days where the tech people would come in and observe.  All of the students had laptops and we had access to a lot of different sites that were useful in teaching world language.

When I moved back to Pittsburgh and returned to Pittsburgh schools where I student taught but they lacked technology big time, especially the school where I was last year.  Now at this different school that so far has proven to be more challenging, I have access to iPad carts and computers and the works.  I want to incorporate technology as much as possible, but I hesitate with this group of kids because they have been a little disrespectful with classroom stuff like pencils and papers and books, just leaving everything everywhere.  I will introduce it in some of the upper level classes first and see if I can also use it with the rest of the classes.

I also hope to grow in this district and take on more leadership opportunities whatever they may be.  I would like to be able to contribute to the improvement of student achievement here and figure out ways to reach some of these kids that have tough lives.  I really want to make a difference no matter how hard it may be.


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