#ReflectiveTeacher Blog Challenge Day #10 – facts about me



5 Random things about me:

  1. I was an industrial engineer before I was a teacher.
  2. I lived in LA for 5 years.  Part of that time I was an engineer in organizations where all the factory workers spoke Spanish as their first language.  The other part of that time I lived there, I was an adjustable bed sales trainer.  I traveled to mattress stores in Southern California and parts of the southwestern US and educated mattress sales people on how to grow their sales by adding on an adjustable base to any mattress.  It was supposed to be considered a luxury item, not something for old or sick people.  It was a really fun job and I met a lot of interesting people who poured their hearts out to me about all sorts of things.  I quit and went back to school because I didn’t believe that convincing consumers to spend a few thousand dollars more on their bedroom was necessary, although I did and still do believe that sleep is extremely important to a healthy lifestyle.
  3. When I was the same age as my students, my favorite music genre was rap and hip hop.  One skill I acquired based on that interest is being able to “name that Wutang Clan member” whenever I hear a Wutang song.  I still really enjoy hip hop, but I also like many other kinds of music.
  4. I ran a marathon once in Phoenix, Arizona.  Ran/walked.  I trained through Team in Training, an organization that raises $$$ for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and we trained running/walking.  Ever since then, I can’t run more than 2.5 miles without experiencing knee pain.
  5. My best friend was once a boston terrier named Teedo who was the most interesting and comical creature that I ever met.

4 Random things from my bucket list: 

  1. Visit South America and explore all countries including and especially Brazil.
  2. Become certified to teach yoga.  I hoped to do it this fall but based on my workload I can’t imagine that I would have time to be training all Saturdays and Sundays from the end of September through mid December.  For this reason, sometimes I think it would’ve been ok if I didn’t get rehired after being laid off.
  3. Teach younger sister who is Down Syndrome how to be independent and maybe how to read.  She just turned 30 and might never be able to read but I hope I can teacher her some.  She was learning when she was very young and then went to a public high school where they discontinued teaching her this invaluable skill.  I was too young to know or to care so I didn’t help.
  4. Change the mentality of some students I teach who don’t value their education to believing that it is extremely important and also that knowing Spanish can and will help them in many different ways.

3 things I hope to do this year as a person or educator

  1. See # 4 in the last category.
  2. Determine a topic that I can write about publicly in foreign language education.
  3. Be Distinguished in my district according to our teacher evaluation system.

2 things that have made me laugh or cry as an educator

  1. I’ve cried for feeling totally under-appreciated by my students and not being able to teach them because they won’t stop talking, especially this year and my first year.
  2. Thinking about the students I taught last year who had A’s all year long but would still insist on seeing their grade each day even though I only entered grades once a week.  I think of these kids all the time and it makes me laugh.  It also makes me sad that I won’t see them this year and maybe never again because I am in a different school and they are seniors now.  I really miss my kids from last year.

1 thing that I wish more people knew about me

  1. I wish more of my students had any idea how much work it is to be a teacher and how much I personally care about them and want to help them to learn, grow and be better human beings in general.  I believe in them and I wish more of them believed in themselves or even cared enough to know what that means.  The other day one student was impressed to know that I left engineering to help him and his peers and he thanked me.  This meant a lot, especially since he has already gotten into trouble this year, just goofing off.  He is also only 16 and soon to be a father.  He seemed genuine in his gratitude and I think that was the first time that a student thanked me directly.

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