#ReflectiveTeacher Blogging challenge day 9 – biggest accomplishments


@Teachthought Last year the school where I worked got two iPad carts for the library.  I found out about them bringing my students to the library for other things and it seemed that no one was really informed that they existed.  I tried to use them with my classes but realized that there were hardly any apps on them at all.  I worked almost the whole year getting permission to be the app lady and acquired the directions of how to do it from an off sight tech person.  I spoke about it in a departmental meeting how teachers would need to fill out a request form through me and I would install the apps if their department head approved.  The principal said she would give the link to the google form in the upcoming week’s newsletter to staff.  She never did.  It never caught on.  Then testing started and we never really got to do anything with the apps.  It felt like a huge accomplishment because the school had very little technology to begin with and lots of security measures to gain access to websites, etc.  However, it never had the opportunity to take off.  Now there is an ipad cart in my classroom.  I hear that security is still an issue but the cart is there and it is the same hoop jumping procedure to install apps.  They have some random ones already that do not appear useful.  I hope to get them up and running and use them as much as possible.  Lately I have had not one extra minute.   


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