#ReflectiveTeacher Day 8 – blogging challenge: desk drawer observation


Ok, so maybe the desk drawer is where I need to begin to clear out my muddled mind. As I keep mentioning I am at a new school. I actually have two classrooms here. The normal things are in my drawers like pens, pencils, paperclips, files, etc. However, I do not feel completely organized in any sense because I was thrown into this position at the last minute and before I could put my own stuff in the drawers, I had to clean out the last person’s. That is not to say that I was the most organized person to begin with. My disorganized drawers are a reflection of how I feel most days which is disorganized. Because I have to go up and down I am leaving papers all over the place and it has almost brought me to tears on some days because it sometimes feels like the papers are getting up and actually walking away and hiding themselves. Maybe if I start here I can gain a sense of accomplishment and ease. However, I haven’t really had too much time during the school day to do anything other than prepare for the next class because I have 4 preps. I have been at school every day AT LEAST 2 hours late calling parents. I guess I am not meeting my goal of not complaining. I envy you all who are totally paperless. I am working to get Google Classroom set up and I can also try one of the many other classroom websites.


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