#Reflectiveteacher Blogging Challenge Day 3 – observation are of focus

Questioning, RISE

With PA’s teacher evaluation system RISE, teachers should be striving to meet proficiency in a variety of areas. There are four domains with 24 different components. Last year the 3f component of the entire RISE rubric stood alone (kind of) as a separate entity. It is the category that measured student growth throughout the year. This year 3f has disappeared from the rubric and SLO’s (student learning objectives) are replacing that component 3f, so now the original rubric skips from 3e to 3g. Needless to say, this is a confusing teacher evaluation system and process.

All that being said, I need to focus on something. Student growth seems to be the only way that I can prove, with data, that I am doing a good job and getting this kids to speak Spanish proficiently. In a foreign language classroom our students should be able to respond to prompts that are unrehearsed and give answers that make sense and are to some degree correct. This is the interpersonal communication skill. Therefore, I choose to focus on Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques to Further Discussion – Component 3b which looks like this:  

I need help to make this happen.  Any advice on how I could make kids actually want to do this and even have fun with it?   


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