la segunda semana

classroom management

Too many ideas, not enough time to get organized

Last week was the first week of school for me in a new school that is pretty different from where I was last year. Being new to this school district last year, I was furloughed and then reassigned to a different location since I only had one year’s worth of seniority. I am excited for this new challenge, as I know it will definitely be a huge one.

The first week was more than stressful and extremely exhausting. I am hoping and praying for the ability to overcome the challenge before me by stimulating my students with tons of interesting ideas that engage them in their exploration of Spanish speaking cultures. This assignment is going to take a lot of thinking outside of the box and A LOT of hard work. Hopefully by blogging and searching for ideas on Twitter I can come up with neat ways to make the language accessible to these students.

They are a difficult bunch, many of them declaring that they don’t know Spanish and don’t understand me the few times I tried to use the Target Language when I wasn’t busy managing the classroom behavior. Instead of 5 students that talk out, try 20 out of 24 all during instruction. In addition I have more preps than normal (Spanish 4, Spanish 3 CAS – advanced, Spanish 3 PSP – reg, and Spanish 2 – reg.). I have a ton of materials to pull from even in my short 4 years of teaching but I think I have to really reach high to create more thematic units and making instruction more meaningful because a regularly structured lesson plan is not going to work for this group, I’m afraid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but in the meantime, I will be striving to find resources to assist me in this test I have been dealt to improve my teaching.


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